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Tilley's hats contain all elements from nature. Tilley takes inspiration from the diverse Canadian landscapes and draws the ideas from Canadian customs to enjoy the outdoors all year round.
Staying true to the time-honored design philosophy, Tilley combines the hat with style and the functional. Innovative techniques give the classics a modern touch. The hats are well fitted and made with solid craftsmanship, quality materials and the latest textile innovations. Create character and comfort everywhere you go in the woods, the park, out to sea or even on a sun-filled ski day. Over time, your Tilley will tell you a beautiful story - and your story will most likely include a Tilley too.
Designed for the outdoors.
Tilly's hats are meant to be lived in to the fullest, and the aim is to ensure that your hat can make your active outdoor life more comfortable. Tilly selects the best materials to ensure the quality, durability and performance you expect. You can count on a Tilly hat wherever the journey takes you.