Chevalier - Arley Shirt Men


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We have gone further in developing a shirt that offers the highest comfort on the shooting range and in the woods. We are proud to present our new Chevalier shooting fit, designed in collaboration with professional bird shooters. The shirt has a cap with a lower sleeve than usual, which means you can raise your arm high without the shirt being tight and holding you back. To help keep the sleeve in place, we made it slightly longer and wider over the biceps, and added elbow tucks. To further increase mobility, the shirt is slightly wider at the back and yoke and has pleats in the back. The shirt is made from an exclusive, long-fibre cotton yarn that gives the garment a wonderfully soft feel on the surface. The shirt has a button-under collar and an outside closure at the front.



Outer fabric: 100% organic cotton



  • Pleats at the back
  • Rounded zoom
  • Button under collar
  • French seams
  • Imitation mother-of-pearl buttons
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