Meopta - MeoStar S2 82 HD angled (body)


The Meostar S2 82 HD offers the best of what you could wish for in telescopes. This top-of-the-line telescope can easily compete with the best telescopes on the market in terms of image quality. The 82mm HD (APO chromatic FL-glass) lenses deliver bright, brilliant colors and ultra-high resolution.


The MeoBright 5501 lens coatings deliver a light transmission per glass element of 99.8%. This results in a very clear image that gives you a surprisingly good image even under the most poor lighting conditions. The large focus ring makes it very easy to focus quickly. The Quick release bayonet makes it easy to change eyepieces. The lock prevents it from accidentally coming loose. The S2 is equipped with a tripod adapter that fits directly on the most common Manfrotto tripods. It is therefore not necessary to mount a quick-change plate. The body of this viewer is made of an aluminum/magnesium alloy. This makes it very robust and yet very lightweight.


In combination with the 30-60x WA eyepiece with a constant field of view of 66 degrees, you have a very large viewing angle, regardless of the magnification.


Meostar S2 82HD is available with straight and oblique 45° view.

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