Atelier Julien X Jagter - Gourmet board pheasant


This handmade gourmet board will make you want to have an aperitif or bring out the cosiness with a nice piece of smoked duck breast or just a piece of cheese. You can also use this shelf to serve your drink in style to your friends or family.


Imagine being able to pull out this stylish board and knife after a fun day of hunting and treat your comrades to a nice piece of freshly cut meat.


The handmade shelves are available in oak or walnut.


Properties (the dimensions can deviate up to 1-2 cm):
Thickness: 2.4 cm
Small shelf dimensions: 12.5 x 25 cm
Dimensions large shelf: 17.5 x 35 cm


The boards are oiled and saturated with Ciranova cutting board oil (homegrown food grade oil). The plank is pure and untreated, ie no glue has been used and the plank consists of solid wood and no connected pieces. All this ensures a high quality that ensures a robust and wear-resistant product.

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