Gerber - Multitool - ARMBAR CORK - ORANGE


Itemnr: 30-001581


  • Even the most resourceful person can use a little help opening a wine bottle. Meet the Armbar Cork. It's a smart design that fits perfectly in your pocket and works as a complete multi-tool. The Armbar has tools to handle the tasks a pocket knife just can't handle: a corkscrew, foil cutter, crowbar, bottle opener and can/package opener.


  • There are 8 tools contained in the blade.
    2-1/2” fine edge blade with frame lock
    Corkscrew with lever arm
    bottle opener
    Can / package opener
    Width: 1.78 cm
    Length: 16.51 cm
    Weight: 87.9 grams
    Stainless steel


  • Who says you can't climb a mountain and drink your wine? We do not! When your happy hour takes place in the great outdoors, the tools you bring with you have to do double duty. Fortunately, the Armbar Cork packs essential tools into one compact design, so there's no excuse not to be prepared.


  • The 8 tools included are: a smooth-edged knife, scissors, a crowbar, a bottle opener, a can opener, a foil cutter, a lever arm and a corkscrew. It's easy to store in your backpack, pocket or glove box - until it's time for wine.

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