Gerber - Small folding knife with interchangeable blade (vital pocket)


Item nr:  31-002736


  • With one of the safest Exchange-A-Blade options out there, this is a surgically sharp blade that cuts through anything with ease. This means that no additional tools are required if you have to replace the blade immediately. The orange handle is easy to spot and a large finger knob provides stability.


  • The folding version of the original Vital Fixed Blade Knife, the ingenious Vital Pocket Folder EAB features one of the safest Exchange-A-Blade options on the market. A clever combination of a replaceable utility knife with a striking orange rubber handle. This knife travels with ease in the field and on the hunt.


    The innovative marriage of Gerber's hunting knowledge and the history of our interchangeable blades has resulted in the Vital Pocket Folder EAB. The ingenious tool includes a sharp blade that mimics a surgical blade and cuts through almost anything like a hot knife through butter. The addition of the various replacement blades means you won't end up in the middle of skinning with a dull tool. This is a knife that works fast and smart. When the blade is blunt, it can easily be replaced on site. It requires no additional tools and thus does not slow down the action of the field treatment. This while offering super safe operation despite being an interchangeable blade.


    With a bright orange Vital handle, it's easy to spot this knife if you should drop it while out in the field. The Vital Pocket Folder's large finger knob and wider width give a firm, comfortable grip. The Vital Pocket Folder EAB functions beautifully in its simple role and using blades that can be easily replaced if necessary. It includes a #60 industry standard attached razor blade and six #60 replaceable razor blades.


  • Characteristics:
    An easier-to-recognize orange color
    Interchangeable blades
    Easier and safer than competition
    Rubber handles
    Comfortable, safe and lightweight
    Large Safe Finger Button
    6 replaceable blades
    #60 razor blade is industry standard
    25 year warranty
    Stainless steel
    Length 17.53 cm
    Weight 36.9 grams

Rating: 5 stars
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