Härkila - Trapper Master Midweight sock (Dark green)

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Soft, hi-tech hunting socks from Coolmax®, which ensure optimal moisture transport. Nanoglide™ reduces friction, irritation and blisters. Antibacterial and antistatic Resistex® for optimal comfort, Vital Protection AntiTick-Mosquito and left and right anatomical construction for a perfect fit.

  • Comfort top offers an excellent comfortable fit
  • Nanoglide™ in heel and toe with copper thread for extreme resistance and antimicrobial
  • Body made of Coolmax ™ Tech fiber, soft to the touch, breathable and temperature regulating
  • Coolmax™ footbed for excellent moisture management
    Left and right anatomical shape
  • Resistex® copper
  • A high-tech yarn that combines natural or artificial fibers with pure copper. Resistex® Copper has antistatic properties, excellent heat conductivity and antibacterial properties.

Vital protection
A completely unique textile impregnation treatment that repels a wide range of biting insects including mosquitoes, gnats, bed bugs, sand flies and fleas. The impregnation is odorless, skin-friendly, UV-resistant and machine washable.

Left right
Specially shaped construction that mimics the natural anatomy of the left and right foot for a perfect fit.

Proven to lower skin temperature, lower heart rate during exercise and maintain hydration while providing excellent moisture management.

Significantly reduces the friction between the sock and the skin, eliminates blisters and irritations and guarantees the comfort and performance an active person needs.

Main Material: 49% Polyester, 48% Polyamide, 3% Copper