Härkila - Big game compression long socks (Dark green) 180579

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Itemnr: 180579

Made from soft merino wool, these feather-light high socks benefit from compression technology to improve insulation and blood circulation. With the anatomical shape on the left and right, they are equipped with Resistex®, effective against fungi, bacteria and odors

  • Merino wool body - Excellent breathability, temperature regulation
  • Embedded Copper Yarn - Effective against mold, bacteria and odor
  • Left and right anatomical shape
  • Polyamide protection
  • Elastic Sock - Provides excellent fit and compression
  • Merino wool
  • A very fine wool obtained from merino sheep. The long fibers
  • make this wool very soft and fine. Härkila only uses guaranteed merino wool without mulesing.

Resistex® copper
This high-tech wire is an alloy of natural or man-made fibers with pure copper. Resistex® Copper has antistatic and antibacterial properties, as well as excellent heat conductivity.

Left right
This specifically shaped construction mimics the natural anatomy of each of the two feet to ensure a sole fits perfectly around your feet.

Härkila compression stockings help improve blood circulation in your feet and legs.