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The Pinewood story begins in the early 1990s. As is the case with many companies, Pinewood also started on a very small scale - in their case, hiding in Mother's small basement. Over the next few years, the garage became too small and they took over other spaces in the house. Supplies piled up and the family helped with the processing. This was the only way to keep costs down during the early years and difficult times.
The collection, today consisting of a wide range of outdoor clothing with garments from head to toe, previously consisted of "an extremely small collection of products" i.e. Canadian lined shirt in different color combinations! This product has been highly appreciated by all the customers all over the country and still has a very loyal group of satisfied users. Over time, the Pinewood collection has expanded from a few pieces to hundreds of pieces in many different color combinations.
During the early years, all garments in small collections were manufactured in the same factory. In order to enlarge the line of products over the years and at the same time keep the good stable quality, cooperation with the factories specialized in their specific production lines was desirable. This means that shirts are made in factories that sew shirts and rainwear is made in factories that only make rainwear, etc.  This quality awareness and direct contact with the factories means that today Pinewood is a supplier of high-quality products at competitive prices. Pinewood carefully selects and designs the excellent collection, also working closely with experts.