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Material types of the hats

Your hat radiates your identity and offers you the right protection against rain, sun and wind. A hat is complex and can consist of various materials.
At Jagter we want to offer you quality and durable hats that are ideal for the outdoors and hunting.

If you like a durable and classic look, this is a perfect match, the hats fit like a glove and if you opt for a mix of wool and felt you can expect a stylish looking and warm hat. You can wear the felt hats all year round without any problems.
This is because the felt can also play a temperature-regulating role, keeping your head nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This type of hats is dirt-resistant, waterproof and foldable. Due to the light weight, these hats do not disturb the head.
Knowing that an integrated UV filter in several of the hats on offer protects you against the hot sun in the summer, they are all-around hats. Ideal for hunting and the rough outdoors.


vilten hoeden


stof katoen nylon hoed

For comfort and enjoyment, you are good with a cloth hat. There are many different types of fabrics, such as cotton that breathes.
This also keeps your head nice and fresh and you are still protected against rain, wind, sun and annoying insects.
Nylon and waxed materials are also used. These types of hats are also hardwearing and foldable for easy storage. Ideal for summer and the outdoors.
Recycled nylon with PU membrane provides water resistance and windproofness, creating an extremely durable textile to protect you in all weather conditions


Leather remains one of the most durable products out there and the longer you wear these hats, the more beautiful they become.
This type of hat is perfect for all situations. When you walk outside with the leather hat you get the perfect protection against intense sun and hard rain. Ideal for hunting and the rough outdoors.




Hennep hoeden

The tensile strength of hemp is eight times that of cotton fiber. This makes for extremely sturdy hats that you can always count on in tough conditions. Historically, hemp has been used very often in the sails and ropes of ships. It is an exceptionally durable and very environmentally friendly fabric

Hats made of straw are light and are also the perfect sun protection. You feel the wind through the straw strands on your head which gives a wonderful feeling. The large brim on the straw hats also provides the necessary shade on sunny days.
Several of the straw hats on offer contain UV protection to optimally protect your facial skin from the direct sun. Put on this hat for a look that can be a bit casual. Ideal for summer and the outdoors.


stro hoeden