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This has been the case for some time in neighboring countries, but in the Netherlands too, hunting is increasingly recognized as a significant contribution to sustainable nature conservation.
Koedoe & Co embraces the idea that hunting is mainly about being part of nature. After all, a Hunter is more than half the time without a gun in the field.
To make an inventory, to enjoy being outside, to collect information, but also to improve the habitat of the wild.
That can be done in different ways. For example, pools can be constructed, breeding baskets can be placed, wild fields can be sown, forests thinned out or entire plots can be redesigned with large equipment.
Not only the huntable animal species, but all animals get a better (year-round) food supply. In addition, better places are created to rest or shelter from weather influences and predation. If you do this right, this will seriously contribute to a more beautiful diversity, so that everyone can enjoy the varied flora and fauna.

At Koedoe & Co, this is what matters. Make the outdoor experience more beautiful.
That's why we donate a portion of our profits to organizations that provide experience and money on a large scale for the same purpose. These are mainly nature funds and foundations that use their proceeds for the preservation, maintenance and improvement of biodiversity. So that we can enjoy nature for a long time to come.
We have highlighted some projects on this page. This gives you an idea of ​​where part of the money from the sustainable sweater, bag, pencil case or shirt you bought goes!
Are you interested and would you like (free) advice on the approach and implementation of these types of projects? Would you like to take a look at completed projects? Do you have a piece of land available as a private individual? Or are you simply interested in biotope improvement? Send an email to We are happy to put you in touch with the right parties!
Do you just want to contribute? Then buy our products with confidence. The proceeds are well spent!

(source: website Koedoe & Co)

sow wild fields

Deer game on biotope – wild field

Wildland biotope proposal

Excavation work wildland

Planting material biotope forest

Flower border around wild field