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Koedoe & Co

Koedoe & Co is a young company with a dream that has become reality. In a rapidly changing world where everything is becoming faster and more interactive, the company also recognizes another movement where experience and enjoyment become central. Koedoe & Co wants to emphasize the sustainable character.
At Koedoe & Co they don't take themselves too seriously and they just know they can't change the whole world. There is a conviction that if we all do a little, we can achieve great things together.
That is why they have chosen sustainability as a must-have for the Koedoe & Co products. Products that are very close to our world. The world of hunting, outdoor life, nature.
Entirely in line with this, they only use natural, organic and/or recycled materials for manufacturing the products. And also to donate part of the profits to related causes. (see nature & biotope projects)
Because most hunting clothes are in the closet most of the time, they have chosen to create elegant, top quality clothing and accessories that can be used both in hunting and everyday use.
That is why the two very passionate hunters and especially socially involved entrepreneurs, Koedoe & Co, started. Not just a brand, but an interpretation of an idea, a wish and perhaps the ultimate dream; working with nature every day, to make it a little more beautiful step by step.
That way we can all enjoy it.