Härkila stands for quality, practicality and the ideal fit. Over the years, the clothing and gear have been aimed at the quality-conscious hunter alike. The people at Härkila are specialists and make no compromises. The ambition is to make the best hunting clothing, which is why they choose the best materials, manufacturers and designers. With that ambition, you can't be the cheapest.
Härkila wants to be a leader in quality, this applies to materials and the innovative technologies that are used. The way the design is done,  serving the retailers and the general consumer experience must also fall under this quality. Härkila works with the best dealers to ensure that consumers receive good advice and guidance when choosing their Härkila material. They work with specialists in different fields to ensure that the equipment is among the best. Härkila also works with leading research institutions and renowned companies to ensure that modern, innovative technologies are used in a traditional sport. Boundaries are constantly being pushed to improve the products.
It is a balancing act to be innovative while respecting traditions. Härkila has a clear ambition to remain one of the driving forces in the industry and improve the individual fighter's experience in the field, with or without firearms. The goal is that hunters around the world will choose a Härkila product next time.