Joan Rojas is a name you may not have heard before. This Catalan businessman was born to change things. He never chose the easy way but always an alternative path. Joan Rojas has been a source of inspiration, innovation and passion for over 25 years.
Born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 1946, in the textile company of the Rojas family, Joan loved to think and explore freely. With a rich knowledge and understanding of textile production dating back to 1927, when the Rojas family founded their factory, Joan would continue the tradition of innovation when he founded BUFF®.
By 1991 Joan was already a passionate motorcyclist, in love with the feeling of freedom he had when he rode his motorcycle on the roads of Igualada. the idea came about while touring the country roads of Catalonia around Igualada. Joan's demand for a warmer, more protective solution to the sun, wind and cold became the basis of The Original BUFF® Multifunctional Headwear product.
He decided to develop what he needed. Day after day he worked in his family's textile factory, drawing, thinking and searching for the product he needed. And finally the time had come: a seamless tubular garment made of microfibre.