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Jagter is a store specialized in hunting, outdoor headwear, clothing and accessories. Jagter means hunter in South African.
From the passion for hunting and the outdoors, we see the hat and accessories as a part of the personal identity, but also as a means of protection against sun, wind and rain.
That is why we at Jagter think it is important to assist you as best as possible when choosing the suitable hat, cap or accessories and to offer you the optimal protection that matches your identity.

Jagter is also the distributor in Flanders and Wallonia of Koedoe&co.

Are you ready for new clothing, hat, cap or accessory?
Take a look in our store or contact us.

hoeden jacht


We got stuck in the search for our own hat for hunting.
We were looking for a specialist in hunting hats.

We ended up at hunting shops, but that's where the focus is on weapons.
Then we ended up at the specialized outdoor stores. There we mainly found good clothing for the outdoors and less headwear. Then try a hat shop, we were overwhelmed by the amount of hats and could no longer see the trees for the woods.
Then the idea arose...

Jagter became a fact and is distinguished by its specialization in hunting and outdoor hats, accompanying accessories and stylish clothing that can be worn during and next to the hunt.

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